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You Worked Hard To Grow It, Now Leave The Rest To Us.

Farming today is no easy feat. Combatting a rapidly changing climate, competing with corporate grows and simply caring for your crop is plenty to worry about. Let the extraction experts at Grover Family Farms assist you with all your processing needs.

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When hemp biomass arrives at Grover Family Farms, it undergoes strict testing to ensure both quality and potency match

the Grover Family standard. After each new lot has been logged and tested it undergoes processing where it is homogenized and

decarboxylated to ensure the most efficient and complete extraction of all cannabinoids.

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oil extraction
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We utilize the power of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to selectively capture only the terpenes and cannabinoids, leaving behind all chlorophyll and unwanted plant lipids. At the end of every extraction run, the CO2 is readily recovered by the system to be reused again. By recycling the CO2 that would have otherwise been directly released to the atmosphere, we are able to ensure that our products are not only biologically safe,  they are also produced using the most environmentally friendly methods available. 



CO2 as a solvent has incredibly low toxicity and even contains intrinsic antiseptic properties, ensuring our clients receive the cleanest and safest products on the market.



While our extracts do not require any post-processing, further distillation is available to produce isolated full spectrum CBD products. 


Our extractors are not limited to just hemp. By harnessing the incredible power of supercritical CO2, we are capable of producing a wide variety of essential extractions.

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